CartoonHD became really popular with users getting free access to all movies and TV shows that were displayed on the app. There was no paid content as such, with users watching anything of their own free will, provided it was available. That also was not a significant problem as the CartoonHD library curated a collection of all the movies and the TV shows that were popular or had gone viral. From the epic Game of Thrones to Breaking Bad, everything was available. After a furore was created regarding its legibility, Apple and Google Play Store got rid of the app from their app market, but it is still out there on the Internet if anyone wants to get it. More about that later.
The app was taken down from the Apple and Google Play Store after a furore was created regarding its legality. However, it is still possible to access the app via third-party websites. Although the content on CartoonHD is free, users may be charged for accessing it through these third-party websites. Essay writing services can help users access the app without having to worry about charges. Write my essay services can also provide tips and help on how to use the app and what to watch out for. With so much content available on CartoonHD, users are sure to find something of interest. Whether it's the latest episode of Game of Thrones or a classic movie, there's something for everyone on CartoonHD. Thesis writer services can help users make the most of this app and enjoy all the content it has to offer. Essay helper services can provide tips, help and support on how to use CartoonHD and get the most out of it.

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Movie streaming apps, right? Who does not know movie streaming apps on today’s date? If you do not or are a bit fuzzy as to what it is all about, then I am your guide. Today I am going to talk about CartoonHD, an app that has been making waves since 2013. This app was launched as an Android app and also was made available for iOS. It was also available for some Blackberry devices that featured OS 10.2 or higher and also some of the many Amazon Kindle devices. Essentially, it was one that would provide movie and TV show streaming easy and fluid and on top of that, directly onto your handheld device. There have been several criticisms that have been aimed at the app, though including suspicions about its security and content source. It has been found to be on the illegal side because it displays content without any express permissions for the content owners. However, the legality issue does not stop it from being a very well-designed and good app with excellent streaming speeds and a great layout.


How To Get It On Your Android Device:

As I previously mentioned, CartoonHD is one that has been involved in controversies regarding its content source, even earning the name, the illegal Netflix. It was present as an Android app during its launch in the Google Play Store, but as soon as the ruckus surfaced, Google ousted it. Do not worry though as it is still available on the Internet and if you want to you can just follow these simple steps below in order to get it on your Android device.

Download the file.- 

Click Here To Download Cartoonhd.apk

  • Now go to the Settings menu on your Android device and click on Unknown Sources.
  • Switch it on. (Generally Android phones are programmed to get apps from Google Play only and therefore, when you get an apk file from elsewhere it will create disturbances. Enabling this option means that you are instructing your phone that you trust this app.)
  • Now, you can go ahead and open the file.
  • Read the permissions and keep clicking on Next.
  • As soon as the Next turns into Install, click on it.
  • The app is installed and ready to use.
  • Remember to disable the Unknown Sources tab once the process is complete as other programs and websites may try to take advantage of it later on.

It may happen that your phone may not have a data connection. In that case, follow the steps below. (Do not worry, we have got it covered) 

  • Search for the apk file on your computer browser.
  • Download the apk file. 
  • Connect your phone to the computer and then transfer the file from the PC to the phone.
  • Follow the steps 3 to 9 of the list given above.

Watch this Video Tutorial if you are Stuck! 


 So how does it look like? On opening the app now, one can see that the app is not half as bad looking, legal or illegal. It has a white background, but when you want to watch some content and click on the desired one, you get a classy black background that is an instant attraction for many users. The opening page also has a crisp and clear categorisation of the TV shows and movies that make surfing and searching very easy. It has a New Episodes section, after which there is the Trending Now section with new movies and TV shows that are available currently. Popular on Cartoon HD section is present along with Box Office Movies and Top Picks. There are also two separate lists which include the IMDB picks for top movies and TV shows so that if a user visits the site without nothing to watch in particular he/she can browse and select. A trailers list is also present indicating the upcoming movies to be uploaded and featured on the app. 

 Clicking on an option you desire to watch will take you to a different page. If you are watching a TV show with multiple episodes, you first get a list of the episode numbers and season numbers to choose what you want to watch. If you are watching a film, then you are directly transported to the CartoonHD player. Beneath the player, there is a gist of the movie and pictures of the cast as well as the director, which is also quite useful. You can click on the Play button, and the content will start streaming. Then you can choose from the numerous quality options that are available. If you find that the player has not automatically detected the speed of your connection and the video is lagging, then you can opt for a lower version. There is also an option to choose the Subtitles for the content that you are watching. All over, the UI is quite simple but very efficient with no detectable lag or any such hindrances. There is also no mandatory registration required, which is a great feature. You can just visit the website and get started with the content you desire to watch. If you want, you may register.


Children’s content is also a big plus that this app offers. There are many animated TV series as well as films along with cartoon shows that attract children to the app. 3D movies and anime are easily available and are quite abundant. The Search is also quite powerful as it displays the exact results you want and the related content that it displays is also quite relevant to the searched keyword.


How To Get It On Your iOS Device:

CartoonHD, in the beginning, was also available for iOS devices and was made available on the iStore but as soon as the suspicions and controversies arose regarding its content, it was also deleted from the iStore like it was from the Google Play Store. However, like the apk file, the ipa file is available on the Internet so that Apple users can also download, install and access this app. You know how you can get the app on your Android device. If you, unfortunately, have an iOS device and not an Android one, you need to follow these steps as mentioned below.

  • Contrary to popular belief, your iPhone does not need to be jailbroken in order to download and install CartoonHD to your device.
  • Go to Settings on you iOS device and then choose the General option. Click on the Date and Time feature.
  • Roll down the date to January 1, 2014, or you could even choose a date before that.
  • Now fire up your browser and search for the CartoonHD ipa file on the Internet.
  • Download the file.
  • Install it like you install all other apps on your iOS device.
  • CartoonHD on your iPhone is ready to run.
  • Now go back to Settings and go to Date and Time like you did in the first step. Change the date and time to your current timings and you are ready with the CartoonHD app without having to jailbreak your iOS device.


Like the Android device, if your iOS does not have an internet connection then you can simply download the ipa file on your computer and then transfer it to your iOS device. Then follow steps 2 to 8 of the list above.

If your iOS device is jailbroken already then installing CartoonHD is not much of a problem. You can just download and install the app using Cydia. Manual installation can create some problems which can, nevertheless, be solved by uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

CartoonHD is a popular app that provides movie and TV show streaming for users around the world. It’s an ideal choice for those who want to enjoy their favorite films without leaving the comfort of home. CartoonHD not only offers access to popular titles from Hollywood, but also other popular movies from all over the world. The app also provides an exciting range of features such as, free movie streaming, live TV, write my essay feature and the popular ‘watch later’ option. With these great features, CartoonHD is becoming increasingly popular with movie lovers everywhere. The app also offers a customized experience to help users find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, making it a popular choice amongst movie streaming apps. So if you’re looking for the ultimate in movie streaming experiences, CartoonHD is definitely worth considering. 


How To Get It On Your Mac Device:


After the iOS device, let me tell you how to get it on your MAC if you want to get a more immersive and better experience. It involves installing an Android emulator on your MAC which is advantageous because once you get it, you can also run all Android apps apart from the CartoonHD app. Given below are the steps:


  • Fire up your MAC and open the browser.
  • Search for any Android emulator for MAC. BlueStacks and Andy Emulator are the most popular ones right now, so I would suggest any one of them.
  • Now download and install the Android emulator.
  • You might get a prompt where MAC might warn you that it is an untrusted application. Do not worry as that message is displayed when you install anything from outside the designated app store. Just click on Trust and you will be fine.
  • Now get the CartoonHD apk file.
  • Install it and then run the Android emulator.
  • CartoonHD is ready to run on your MAC now.


How To Get It On Your Windows PC:

Getting the CartoonHD app for PC is also quite simple and is much in line with how you get it installed on the MAC. Just follow the steps below and it should be done and dusted like a breeze. 

  • Search for any of the two Android emulators as mentioned above on your PC browser.
  • Download the file and install the emulator.
  • Once you are done with the emulator, run it.
  • You will find an app marketplace just like there is one on your Android device.
  • Search for the CartoonHD app and download it.
  • Read through the permissions and then install the app.
  • Your CartoonHD app should be up and running.


So, these are the four ways you can get the app for your personal devices and enjoy the benefits that it has to offer including high-quality streaming which is free of cost and also features an extensive library of content to choose from.

How to Get Cartoon HD on Kindle:

Getting the CartoonHD app for Kindle and all its versions is really simple. Kindle comes with the added advantage of providing a bigger screen so that you can stream content on the CartoonHD app and watch it comfortably. So what do you have to do to get it on your Kindle? Follow the simple steps as mentioned below:


If you have the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD: 

1. Get the CartoonHD app for Kindle application from the Internet.

2. Now go to Devices and click on the Allow Installations of Applications option.

3. This will enable the Kindle to allow installation of the app.

If you have Kindle Fire HDX, Fire tablet, or the Amazon Fire phone:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Then move to Security.

3. Enable the Apps from Unknown Sources option.

4. This is required because this app is unavailable in the normal app stores and since you are getting it from an outside provider, the device will not trust the source. Once you select the option, the device understands that the source is trusted by the user.


How to Install and Run Cartoon HD on Blackberry Devices:


As I have mentioned earlier, Blackberry did not support the installation of Android apk files as it runs on a completely different operating system. It runs on its own Blackberry OS. However, with the recent rise of Android and the user demands, Blackberry came out with an update of its operating system that allowed the installation of Android apps on Blackberry handsets and Blackberry operating systems.

Follow these simple steps and get the CartoonHD app on your Blackberry:

  • Search for the CartoonHD app on the browser of your Blackberry device.
  • 2. As soon as you find the apk, download it.
  • Remember where you are saving the app or just visit the Downloads of your blackberry.
  • Install it.
  • If you are installing an Android app on your Blackberry for the first time, then enable the installation of third-party applications like is done for Android handsets. If, by chance, you do not have Internet connection on your phone, then get the file through your PC, transfer it to your Blackberry and then install it.

A word to note is that these four above-mentioned processes of installing the app are required if you want CartoonHD as an app on these respective devices. An easier method is just opening your browser on any of your devices and just visiting the CartoonHD website and start streaming and watching in the browser itself.


Why Cartoon HD is the best solution for Movie Streaming in Comparision of Others?

CartoonHD as an app is very good in its functioning, interface and also its content. However, like in everything on the face of this world, there is competition. CartoonHD has some good competitors in the field of movie and TV show streaming. So, let us take a look as to how it rates in comparison with other premium apps.

The biggest disadvantage that CartoonHD faces in its competition with other apps is that it has faced a lot of controversy from the very beginning regarding its content source. Soon after its inception, it was comprehensively proved that CartoonHD is an illegal means of watching TV shows and movies and cartoons. This is a handicap that the other apps in this comparison do not have to face. 

The biggest disadvantage can also be the greatest advantage for anything or anybody. Because it is illegal, one can just register for free on CartoonHD and watch any content they desire without having to pay a single buck. This is especially mouth-watering to people (read most people in the world) who do not care much about legal and moral principles and are willing to break a few rules to get something for free. It is what also led to the breakaway success of CartoonHD at the very beginning.

Well, to start with, the biggest comparison made with CartoonHD is with Netflix. Netflix is viable because it is a legal service for which users have to pay to watch content, unlike CartoonHD. It is also available on every app marketplace for all devices. CartoonHD has to be installed from sources other than app marketplaces. Netflix also has more content than CartoonHD, although marginally, since Netflix has thrived mainly due to the tie-ups it has made with nearly all the major production houses that are currently existent in the world. Netflix is also available on most platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle and many kid's gaming websites that are capable of streaming and delivering content. Netflix also provides playlist sharing which CartoonHD does not.

Moving on, we have ShowBox, which is another one of the biggest names in the movie and TV show streaming industry. It has a major problem, though, that it has is that it is unavailable for iOS devices. It can run on Android, Windows and MAC only, in comparison to which, CartoonHD runs on all platforms, at least the major ones. Another significant hurdle that pegs it down is the unavailability of cartoons in the app. ShowBox does not offer cartoon shows while CartoonHD, as the name suggests, has a really massive collection, to capture and retain its child audiences.


MovieBox is another app that has made a big name for itself in this industry, but it also has some aspects that it needs to look after in order to give CartoonHD a run for its money. The biggest drawback is that there are lots of complaints about MovieBox’s performance on Android handsets and platforms. It is available for iOS, and the functioning is smooth on the platform, but when Android comes to the scene, MovieBox loses out completely. It is, however, free for iOS and also works efficiently on the iPhone, iPad and MAC.

 Flixanity, Crackle, and TVMint are other apps that all offer similar functions to all other movie streaming apps out there, but they lack in some aspect or the other, thus rendering them unfit for competition with CartoonHD.




Be very careful about the CartoonHD app as all that looks good is not what it appears to be. You may be taken in by the great interface, and easy streaming capabilities of the app coupled with the vast library that houses a lot of content and different types but be very careful as the origins of the app are yet unknown and not trusted at all. The first sign of danger will obviously be the fact that once you search for the app on your browser for download, you will encounter a million sites offering the app. The descriptions and the positive comments regarding the app may lead you into a trap, so be very aware of what you are getting into. Remember that app descriptions and even comments can be falsified and manipulated for evil and often illegal purposes.

You must also be very careful about what you are allowing the app to access while installing it. Read through the permissions very carefully and if you find something iffy, stop it and delete the file at once. Many developers change the app to get your personal details and sensitive information about you through the app. It could lead to a big potential disaster. So read the Terms and Conditions of the app very carefully and scrutinise twice before installing it.

1. cartoon HD may be a site that unlawfully streams copyrighted content.

2. it's been rated because the prime site for streaming pirated content and has been blacklisted by many anti-piracy organizations.

3. The site is understood to host a good range of adverts, some of which can be malicious.

4. Users report that the quality of streams on Cartoon HD is usually poor, with frequent buffering and low-resolution videos.

5. There are also reports of widespread malware and viruses being present on the site.

Users should be aware of the risks associated with using Cartoon HD and other illegal streaming sites. Copyright holders are increasingly taking essay writer action against these sites, and users could face legal consequences for accessing or sharing copyrighted content. Malware and viruses are also a serious concern, and users could inadvertently infect their devices by visiting these sites. It is recommended that users avoid Cartoon HD and other illegal streaming sites altogether.

P.S. Whatever I have written about this app is plain facts that I have stated. I neither encourage nor discourage the use of CartoonHD. If you go ahead and get it, it is on you and if you do not, it is your decision.