Cartoon HD Apk Installation to BlackBerry

If you are looking for entertainment on the go, look no further than Cartoon HD. Cartoon HD is a mobile streaming app for Android and iOS devices. Cartoon HD has an exceptional repertoire of movies and TV shows. True to its name, Cartoon HD also has a large selection of cartoons and animated movies. And best of all, the whole library of videos on Cartoon HD is available to the user for free, although the app itself is ad supported. If you’re in the mood for a nostalgic trip through your favorite childhood cartoons, Cartoon HD is worth checking out.

Although BlackBerry devices run on a proprietary operating system (BlackBerry OS) and not the Android operating system, an Android runtime was added in version 10.2 of the OS, which enables the installation of app files.

Unfortunately, Cartoon HD is not available in BlackBerry World. In fact, the app was taken down from most app stores. This necessitates the use of a side loading procedure to install the app. Side loading is simply a term used to refer to the process of installing an app from third party sources or unofficial channels. Sideloading is easy, but less straightforward than just installing an app from BlackBerry World. Many BlackBerry users might already be familiar with this process as sideloading is the only way to install Android apps on BlackBerry devices.

This article will describe how to install Cartoon HD to BlackBerry devices. The process consists of three steps –

  • Finding the APK
  • Getting the APK on the BlackBerry device
  • Installing the APK

The steps to download Cartoon HD have been described in detail below –

1. Cartoon HD APK

The first step is to obtain an apk for Cartoon HD. Android uses the apk file extension for apps. It stands for Android Application Package. An apk is a convenient all in one file package that contains everything the app needs to function, including the code, resources, assets and so on. The Android runtime present on BlackBerry devices can run the app by installing it using the apk file.

The apk for Cartoon HD can be downloaded from here

2. Getting the APK on the BlackBerry device

The easiest way to get the apk on your BlackBerry device is by directly visiting the source website given above from your device’s browser. When you download the apk, a window will pop up on your BlackBerry device asking you to specify a location to save the apk. You can also rename the download file in this window if you like.

Another way is to download the apk using a computer and then transfer the apk to your BlackBerry device through a USB cable. Alternatively, you can simply email the downloaded apk to yourself and open the email on your device.

3. Installing the APK

To install the apk, first, locate the apk on your device. If you have downloaded the file directly using your device’s browser as suggested in step 2, the file will be found in the ‘Downloads’ section on your device. If you have moved the file to your device using an alternate method, you can initiate a search for the file by following the steps noted below –

  • Return to the BlackBerry device’s home screen.
  • Tap the magnifying glass icon in the lower middle part of the home screen.
  • In the search window that pops up, type “.apk” (without the quotes).

This brings up a list of all apk files present on your device. Locate the Cartoon HD apk under the Documents and Files section of the search, and tap the file to begin the installation. There will be a short interval where your device processes the file. You will have to confirm the installation by selecting ‘Install’ button in the top right corner of the screen.

If this is the first time you are installing an android application, you will be prompted to disable a security setting that blocks installation of third party applications. You can re-enable this setting after the installation has completed if you like.

At this point, a pop-up will appear on the screen listing the permissions that the app requires. You will have to tap on ‘Accept’ to install the file, after which the installation will commence. The installation process should not take more than a minute.

The app should show up in your list of apps now. Note the BlackBerry devices do not run Android, they use a runtime to emulate the apps, as noted above. You should keep in mind that the app may not function exactly as it does on an Android device.

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