[New*] Cartoon HD Apk for Android – Latest Version Released

Cartoon HD is a video streaming app for Android and iOS devices. The app’s catalog consists of movies as well as TV shows; including a large selection of animated TV shows

Cartoon HD is a video streaming app for Android and iOS devices. The app’s catalog consists of movies as well as TV shows; including a large selection of animated TV shows, movies, and anime. Cartoon HD can be installed on any Android device for free. Cartoon HD was formerly available on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. However, as of now, the app has been taken down from both app markets.

Installing Android apps from the Google Play Store is simple; all you have to do is select the app of your choice and touch “install” to download automatically and install the app on your device. Since Cartoon HD is not available on the Google Play Store, installing the app is a slightly more complicated process. Read on to learn how you can install Cartoon HD on your Android device.

Installing the Cartoon HD App on Android

In order to install Cartoon HD to Android, you will have to manually install the app through a process known as sideloading. Side loading is simply the term used to refer to the process of installing apps from outside the official channels, Google Play Store in this case.

The first step is to download the apk for the CartoonHD app

Apk stands for Android Application Package. It is a file that contains all of the app’s code, resources, assets, certificates and manifest file. Simply put, it is an all in one file that you can use to install the application on your device. When you download an app from the Google Play Store, the apk is automatically downloaded and installed.

  • You can find the apk for Cartoon HD here. Simply visit the website from a browser in your device and download the file. Alternatively, you can download the file on a computer and transfer the apk to your device through USB, Bluetooth or other methods.
  • After you have the apk, you will simply tap the downloaded file to install the file; however depending on the security settings on your device, you may need to perform an additional step. Attempting to install the apk will otherwise produce an error.

By default, your Android device does not allow the installation of apps from any other source other than the Google Play Store. This is good because it protects your device from malicious apps and malware. However, there are many situations where you would want to disable this security setting. For instance, if you wish to download apps from an alternate app store, such as Amazon’s app market, you will need to disable this setting. In order to disable this setting, open the ‘Settings’ app on your Android device and navigate to Security -> Unknown sources (Allow installation of apps from unknown sources) and check this setting. It will be disabled by default. The exact location of this setting may vary depending on your device.

Consider Watching this Video for Error Free Installation on Your Device

After you have allowed the installation of unknown sources, simply browse to the downloaded apk file using a download manager or file browser and touch it. You will receive a message asking you to confirm the installation, after which the app will be installed shortly.

To summarize Cartoon HD Installation-

1. Download the apk from following link.

2. Open the Settings app on your device, navigate to Security – > Unknown sources and verify that the option is enabled.

3. Tap the downloaded apk and confirm to install.

Problems during installation?

If you face any problems during installation, verify that the app has been correctly downloaded. A corrupted app or incompletely downloaded app will likely not install correctly. If necessary, re-download the app. If you are using USB to transfer the file to your phone, try using an alternate cable. Verify that the file downloaded on the computer is of the same size as the file on the device.

The app requires only a small amount of storage space, but if your phone is running low on storage, you may face problems during installation. In order to resolve this issue, delete unnecessary photos, videos and other files or transfer them to an alternate storage space. You can also uninstall apps which you do not use to clear up space.

If you are receiving a specific error code during installation, Google’s website can provide a list common error codes, their causes, and methods to resolve them.

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